MAX 18V For Worx WA3512 18V 6.0 Ah high capacity battery with indicator

MAX 18V For Worx WA3512 18V 6.0 Ah high capacity battery with indicator


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battery capacity 1:6 Ah

battery warranty:1 Years


Battery Type : Lithium-Ion

Weight :603g

Size:124*86*60 mm


  • 18V MAX 6Ah Battery

Compatible model:

Compatible with Worx 20V Battery Chargers:

  • WA3875, WA3770, WA3881, WA3847, WA3868, WA3835, WA3764, WA3732, WA3838, WA3742


Compatible with Worx 20V Lithium Tools:

  •  WX261.9, WX175.9, WX178.9, WX372.9, WX354.9, WX-JCR.9, WX352.9
    WX394.91, WX390.9, WX380.9, WX279.9, WX291.9, WX531.9, WX523.9
    WX527.9, WX520.9, WX530.9, WX529.9, WX550.9, WX516.9, WX500.9
    WX543.9, WX820.9, WX822.9, WX693.9, WX696.9, WX813.9, WX800.9
    WX812.9, WX803.9, WX840.9 , WX843.9, WX027.9, WX845.9, WX801.9
    WX392.9, WX026.9, WG829E.9 , WG441E.9, WG620E.9, WG543E.9
    WG260E.9, WG261E.9, WG252E.9, WG801E.9, WG322E.9, WG324E.9
    WG329E.9, WG349E.9, WG894E, WG894E.9, WG163E.9, WG157E.9
    WX370.9, WX108.9, WX177.9, WX856.9, WX020.9, WX092.9, WG330E.9
    WX381.9, WX094.9, WX095.9, WX102.9, WX272.9, WX542.9, WG547E.9
    WX045.9, WX394, WX803, WX856, WG801E.91, WX842.9, WX265.9, WG350E.9


Compatible with Worx 40V(2x20V)PowerShare tools: WG284, WG644, WG584, WG584.1, WG743, WG779

Additional information

Weight 0.603 kg
Dimensions 12.4 × 8.6 × 6 cm