For Worx 18V 2.0 Ah battery with indicator(WA3551)


For Worx 18V 2.0 Ah battery with indicator(WA3551)


High power battery cell ensures the right power to get multiple jobs done efficiently. Overcharge protection function for safe and reliable use without risk of short-circuit or overheating, high-quality Li-ion rechargeable batteries are lighter, more efficient, and charge with no memory effect. Battery charge level indicator for quick reference to battery status. Same battery, expandable power. unique 18V modular system that allows you to combine the same battery to multiply voltage to 40V and even 80V.
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battery capacity 1:1.5 Ah

battery capacity 2:2.0 Ah

battery capacity 3:2.5 Ah

battery capacity 4:3.0 Ah

battery warranty:1 Years


Battery Type : Lithium-Ion

Weight :



  • 18V MAX 2Ah Battery(WA3551)

Compatible model:

WA3551.1, WA3572, WA3553, WX390, WX176, WX178, WU268, WX166.4, WX372.1, WX800, WX802, WX678, WX550

WX523, WU531.9, WG894E, WG629E, WG329E, WG259E, WG169E, WG026.9, WG894E. 9, WG546E. 9, WG546E. 9, WG546E. 9, WG546E

Compatible with Worx 20V:

WORX WX386 WORX WX386.9 WORX WX550.1 WORX WX550. 9 WORX WX384.1

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1500mAh, 2000mAh, 2500mAh, 3000mAh


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