6.0ah for Ryobi One + plus p108 18v lithium battery high capacity battery

6.0ah for Ryobi One + plus p108 18v lithium battery high capacity battery


Robust design with durable overmold and anti-vibration technology increases protection from everyday wear and tear on and off the job site High visibility LED fuel gauge clearly indicates remaining runtime Easily snaps into place and detaches with quick-release buttons HIGH PERFORMANCE Technology Features the Most Advanced Battery Electronics for Overload and Overheating Protection
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battery capacity 1:6 Ah

battery warranty:1 Years


Battery Type : Lithium-Ion

Weight :670g

Size:136*80*105 mm


  • 18V MAX 6Ah Battery

Compatible model:

●For RYOBI one battery P108 battery replacement can replace the following part numbers: (Please use''Ctrl + F'')

●130429010, 130429032, 130429034, 130429035, 130429057

●130429063, 130501003, ABP-1813, ABP-1815, ABP1801

●ABP1802, ABP1813, ABP1815, BLK18151, BPL 18151

●BPL-1815, BPL-18151, BPL-1820, BPL-1820G

●BPL1815, BPL18151, BPL1820, P102, P103, P107, P108

●RB18L13, RB18L13(130429063), RB18L15, RB18L25

●RB18L25(130429057), RB18L26, RB18L40

●For RYOBI one battery P108 battery replacement is compatible with the following models: (Please use''Ctrl + F'')

●SA1802, RWSL1801M, RWSL-1801M, RRS1801M

●RMT1801M, RLT1830, RJC181, RJC180, RID1801N

●RID18011L, RID1801, RID-1801, RCD18022L, RC18120-113

●RC18120, RAD1801M, R18T-0, R18T, R18SPL-0

●R18SPL, R18SDS-0, R18SDS, R18R-0, R18R

●R18PL-0, R18PL, R18PDBL-0, R18PDBL, R18PD3-0

●R18PD3, R18N16G-0, R18N16G, R18MT-0, R18MT

●R18JS-0, R18JS, R18IW3-113, R18IW3-0, R18IW3

●R18IDP, R18IDBL-0, R18IDBL, R18ID3-0, R18ID3

●R18I-0, R18I, R18GLU-0, R18GLU, R18F











Additional information

Weight 0.67 kg
Dimensions 13.6 × 8 × 10.5 cm