40V 1.5Ah Lithium Battery for Ryobi 40V OP4015


40V 1.5Ah Lithium Battery for Ryobi 40V OP4015


Works with all RYOBI 40V tools and chargers Fade-free lithium-ion power On-board fuel gauge displays remaining runtime Charges in 30 minutes or less with the RYOBI 40V Rapid Charger (Model # OP406A)
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battery capacity 1:1.5 Ah

battery warranty:1 Years


Battery Type : Lithium-Ion

Weight :



  • 40V MAX 1.5Ah Battery

Compatible model:

Fit for Ryobi Battery Part Number:(Please use the "Ctrl+F" to search your model)

OP4050A, OP4015, OP4026, OP40201,

OP40261, OP4030, OP40301, OP4040,

OP40401, OP4050, OP40501, OP40601.

Fit for Ryobi Tools Model:(Doesn't fit RY40002, RY40503)

RY40180, RY40200, RY40022, RY40201A,

RY40202, RY40204, RY40400, R40402,

RY40402A, RY40403, RY40403A, RY40411,

RY40502A, RY40511,RY40601A, RY40LM30,

RY40190, RY40430, RY40620, RY40460,

RY40250, RY40770, RY40850, RY40610A,

RY40210B, RY40240, RY40440.