18V 3Ah Battery Replacement For Worx WA3553.2 WX279.9 WX290.9 WX550 WX166.3

18V 3Ah Battery Replacement For Worx WA3553.2 WX279.9 WX290.9 WX550 WX166.3


intelligent batteries deliver outstanding performance and longer runtime. Fully compatible with all Worx garden and power tools. The battery communicates with the charger to optimize the charging process automatically, prolonging the battery’s life and reducing loss of capacity over time. Intelligent Battery Management System makes sure that the state of charge, temperature and voltage fluctuations are monitored continuously. The battery’s cells are thermally insulated to prevent overheating in power-hungry use and ensure safe operation in a temperature range from -10° to 45° C. Every single cell is fully shielded to guarantee protection from moisture, shocks and vibrations. Battery charge level indicator for quick reference to battery status.
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battery capacity 1:3 Ah

battery warranty:1 Years


Battery Type : Lithium-Ion

Weight :543g

Size:112*73*64 mm


  • 18V MAX 3Ah Battery

Compatible model:

WX261.9, WX175.9, WX178.9, WX372.9, WX354.9, WX-JCR.9, WX352.9
WX394.91, WX390.9, WX380.9, WX279.9, WX291.9, WX531.9, WX523.9
WX527.9, WX520.9, WX530.9, WX529.9, WX550.9, WX516.9, WX500.9
WX543.9, WX820.9, WX822.9, WX693.9, WX696.9, WX813.9, WX800.9
WX812.9, WX803.9, WX840.9 , WX843.9, WX027.9, WX845.9, WX801.9
WX392.9, WX026.9, WG829E.9 , WG441E.9, WG620E.9, WG543E.9
WG260E.9, WG261E.9, WG252E.9, WG801E.9, WG322E.9, WG324E.9
WG329E.9, WG349E.9, WG894E, WG894E.9, WG163E.9, WG157E.9
WX370.9, WX108.9, WX177.9, WX856.9, WX020.9, WX092.9, WG330E.9
WX381.9, WX094.9, WX095.9, WX102.9, WX272.9, WX542.9, WG547E.9
WX045.9, WX394, WX803, WX856, WG801E.91, WX842.9, WX265.9, WG350E.9

Replace OEM P/N:
WA3551 WA3551.1 WA3553 WA3553.1 WA3553.2 WA3641 and other series batteries

Additional information

Weight 0.543 kg
Dimensions 11.2 × 7.3 × 6.4 cm